Babar Khan

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Babar Khan - Montmartre
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Babar Khan - Bench
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Babar Khan - Stairs
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Babar Khan - Cafe
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Agnese Cafe
Babar Khan - Agnese Cafe
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Cafe Epoque
Babar Khan - Cafe Epoque
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Train Station
Babar Khan - Train Station
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Louvre Scene
Babar Khan - Louvre Scene
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Notre Dame
Babar Khan - Notre Dame
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Belleville Rooftop
Babar Khan - Belleville Rooftop
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Babar Khan’s work has been frequently published in both Europe and North America. 


His photographs often depict a richly atmospheric Europe filled with cityscapes and stunning women, caught alone in a reflective state of ennui.


The images also explore ideas of romanticism, melancholy, beauty and vulnerability, and are narrative in style resembling film stills from 1960s French New Wave cinema.


In 2003, Babar Khan began photographing a black-and-white portfolio of work in Paris that was recognized with the prestigious 2004 Communication Arts award and published in the Photography Annual.


Khan was honoured in 2009 with two International Photography Awards, mounted a solo exhibition of work, and was chosen by FashionTelevision for an extensive profile. He has photographed in New York City, Paris, London and Berlin, and has also taught photography at the International Academy of Design.