Diana Rosa


under $250

Diana Rosa takes inspiration from an alternative upbringing where she closely connected with the natural landscape of her native Cuba. Her faux naïf style mixes autobiographical elements with magic realism; exploring universal themes of identity, love, and man’s relationship to the environment. She transcends cultural boundaries through thought provoking narratives and compositions, rich in humour and an eclectic mix of symbols and references.

Rosa’s paintings feature exuberant figures in vibrant and sumptuous tableaus. Modern in sensibility, her intuitive rendering belies the sophistication inherent in her observations. Far from simple paintings, they give viewers ample detail to bring life to their own interpretations.

Diana Rosa holds a BA in Art History from Oriente University, Santiago de Cuba. She was short listed for the Rise Prize, London, UK in 2017; and was selected as one of the "10 Best Artists of Toronto" by NOW Magazine at the 2018 Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada.