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Elaine Chan-Dow - Gleeson
Libraria 8
Elaine Chan-Dow - Libraria 8
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Elaine Chan-Dow - Libraria 3
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Elaine Chan-Dow - Libraria 1
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Elaine Chan-Dow - Libraria 10
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Elaine Chan-Dow - Libraria 9

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Elaine Chan-Dow is a photo-based visual artist currently living and working in Toronto. Having completed her first degree at the University of Toronto with a BA in Urban Geography she later returned to her childhood passion, photography, and completed her BFA at Ryerson University - Image Arts program. She has been photographing since 16 years of age, producing series on landscapes, still life and architecture. Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Toronto and recently in New York and can be found in private collections in Canada. Chan-Dow has produced two major series: Libraria, a dialogue concerning the evolution of the library institution and For Memories, assembling objects that trigger a story or memory of the past. Her minimalist approach to her subject matter brings a sense of grandeur, tranquility, and often emptiness. Although her most recent works are in colour she remains true to black and white analogue photography and historical processes such as platinum printing. Chan-Dow was recently received an Emerging Artist award by The Artist Project juried contemporary art exhibition.

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