Hanna Ruminski


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Hanna Ruminski was born in Poland and since 1981 has resided in Canada.

Ruminski holds a Master’s Degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1975-1980). Along with being a participant in many exhibitions, her artwork is also found in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, South Korea and throughout Europe.

Ruminski’s art is represented at the Toronto International Art Fair every year since 2003.

She is also one of the artist’s represented by AGO Art Rental + Sales Gallery in Toronto.

Ruminski became a member of the Ontario Society of Artist’s in 2008 with an Award of Merit in 2009.

As an artist, Ruminski expresses herself in two different subject matters: one, is expressionist images balancing between abstraction and figuration, and two, realistic old world interiors with details and architectural elements.

Ruminski’s realistic paintings are a combination of her interests in European historical interiors with the fascination for the richness and glory of the ancestral interiors and fading opulence of a material world.

Ruminski’s gestural and abstract images are influenced by her immediate environment: urban landscapes with their energy and spontaneity and nature, with its changing scenery and organic forms.

She expresses herself through layers of colours, textures, letters and her own gestural mark makings.

For Ruminski as an artist, it is a continuous journey to identity her own unique and artistic language combining inspirations derived from images collected over time in her “memory pockets.”

She lives and works in Toronto.

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