Julie Liger-Belair


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Julie Liger-Belair’s need to make art started in her childhood. With a Belgian artist mother and a French architect father, she grew up surrounded by art books and art supplies. She spent her summers in the Canadian wilderness. Experiencing and observing nature moulded her imagination.

Liger-Belair attended the Ontario College of Art and Design where she studied printmaking, photography, illustration and metal-smithing. This interdisciplinary focus led her towards mixed media art in an attempt to combine these different disciplines into a coherent body of work. Around the same time, she began collecting cabinet cards and Victorian era photographs. These ultimately became the 'seeds' of her current imagery.

In her latest work, she attempts to juxtapose the ironic and the sacred to tell a story about the disconnect between our private and public selves. That is, who we are is often at odds with what we project to others. What do we choose to reveal, conceal or fabricate?

Julie Liger-Belair currently lives and works in Toronto.