Keitha McClocklin


Keitha McClocklin is an award-winning contemporary artist from the Canadian prairies. Working in a range of disciplines that includes painting, printmaking, and drawing, she weaves techniques from one discipline to another. Characterized by the use of layers, colour, and mixed media, her distinctive style fluidly moves between the representational and the abstract.

McClocklin’s works are held in public and private collections across the U.S., France, Canada, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom. She has been featured in numerous print and online media.

McClocklin’s ‘Boreal Forest’ series invites viewers into the alluring world of Canadian boreal landscapes. Resilient and weathered branches take centre stage in a contemporary exploration of these familiar scenes. Here, distinctive shapes and intriguing negative spaces are formed against iconic northern skies. McClocklin, known for her prowess as a colourist, infuses the boreal forest scenes with a palette that adds additional depth to the narrative.