Kenneth Laing Herdy


Over the past twenty years, Kenneth Herdy has been practicing multidisciplinary art. With an extensive focus on large format  photography, drawing and sculpture, the Toronto-born artist has developed and produced several large bodies of self-directed work. 
Kenneth Herdy's interest in history, science and the path of technical society have led him to a critical inquiry of the concepts and issues associated with the self in our post-modern culture (ATLANTIC c.1991). He has also explored the abuse of the environment by the military-industrial complex (ASSEMBLY LINE c.1999, Love canal c.2000). In 2002, he spent 8 months in Japan traveling through the country with a 4x5 camera and photographing the immense industrial giants that compete with nature (MOTHRA c.2002). During the fall of 2003, he walked 827 km from the English Channel to the Swiss border following the trench lines from the First World War. During the walk, he documented the scars made in the landscape, and produced a collection of large format works that question the ideologies that led to such conflicts.
 His ongoing project, "The Extinction Series", follows the capture and demise of various animal species. His intimate relationship with subjects comes from his ongoing volunteer work in animal and wildlife rescue with several organizations. 
 Currenty he is producing several self directed projects as monograph to be avaible later in the fall winter 2013 /2014
which will include the "extiction project ",a book of his polariod work and several concept books.