Laura Wood


Laura Wood was born in Walkerton, Ontario in 1980. She studied at the University of Waterloo in Fine Arts. Laura’s work investigates the very idea of perception: the acceptance of photographs to be ‘truths’ - as flawless records of time and space. Objects in a photograph, no matter how obscure, are perceived as real. In Wood’s paintings, she deals with the techniques of photography and film, abstracting them further; drawing inspiration from unfocused photographs. She is interested in movement and how it is captured in a photo: how it causes blurring and is capable of achieving radiant light. When translating blurred photographic images into softly layered paintings the result is an ambiguous play between the photographic image and the painting itself. There is a separation created between us and the painting; once physically, once by the camera lens, and once by Wood’s interpretation.

Laura Wood's work is an investigation into image, perception and memory, touching on the ambiguity of texts - photographic, painterly or mnemonic, creating an encounter open to the viewer's own interpretation. Laura uses glazing techniques, creating layers which capture a rich glow of light and a depth of colour.