Lisa Roy


under $250

Lisa Roy studied fine art and graphic design at Sheridan and after an 18 year career, left it behind to embark on an 8 year stint living in Ireland and Dubai and painting full time. After a career of precision and staying within the lines, she discovered the energy that comes from painting intuitively. Inspired by life events, her memories and the dialogue in her head, her work combines a tension of gestural mark making and consciously executed elements with layer upon layer of colour - thin washes, thick strokes, scraping and glazing. There is a definite chaos as each work evolves until eventually a visual order seems to emerge. She works in series as she explores her ideas and alongside her usual work, her Conceal or Reveal series is a quirky, personal exploration of her innermost thoughts and feelings. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and group shows in Ontario and BC and is in private collections internationally.