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Moira Ness - DREAMS
Vaughan Mills
Moira Ness - Vaughan Mills

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Moira Ness is a interdisciplinary visual artist living and working in Toronto. She currently makes confessional and romanticized text based work concerned with relentless archiving, pattern generation, and tracing comprehensive lines through her own personal history.

Her earlier photo-based series explore Toronto’s urban landscapes. “Nightscapes” explores the city’s empty streets at night, experimenting with the utilization of ambient night-light. Moira blacks out the background of each shot and removes visible light sources in post digital manipulation. In the series “HEX”, Moira seeks out bold, single coloured buildings to photograph. She samples the colour in Photoshop, revealing the associated hexadecimal code. The code is then input into an online colour identifier and the piece is then named after the discovered colour. The name brings an unseen and unintentional personal meaning to the photo as one tries to connect and relate the title to the subject.

Moira has exhibited at Red Head Gallery, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Latcham Gallery, The Art Gallery of Mississauga and The CICA Museum. She was a finalist for RMG Exposed 2016, a finalist and overall winner for the 2017 UNTAPPED Emerging Artist Competition for The Artist Project and a finalist for SNAP! 2017 Photo Auction. Moira participated in the 2017 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition where she won the Emerging Artist Award. Moira is showing her work at NordArt in Büdelsdorf, Germany during the summer/fall of 2017. She was recently the artist in residence at The 108 Residency in Upstate New York.