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Peter Andrew - Astro
Peter Andrew - WYD?
Who Dis?
Peter Andrew - Who Dis?
Please Bro.
Peter Andrew - Please Bro.
Peter Andrew - Heyyy
Peter Andrew - dotdotdot
Glazed Donut
Peter Andrew - Glazed Donut
Peter Andrew - Bagel
Peter Andrew - Loonie
Peter Andrew - Penny
Peter Andrew - Island
Peter Andrew - Dock
Peter Andrew - Flashers
Balloons I
Peter Andrew - Balloons I
Balloons II
Peter Andrew - Balloons II
Peter Andrew - Iceland
Peter Andrew - Iceland
Peter Andrew - Untitled
Peter Andrew - Chickadee

under $250

Canada 30
Peter Andrew - Canada 30
Canada 5
Peter Andrew - Canada 5
Canada 10
Peter Andrew - Canada 10

5 cent gummy bear vs $50,000 camera : a video featuring the work of Peter Andrew

Peter Andrew is an award-winning photographer from Toronto, Canada. Self-taught and armed with an apprenticeship at West Side Studio under Chris Gordaneer, Andrew quickly developed a shooting style and mantra of 'getting the shot no matter what'. This attitude has taken him to great heights - personally, professionally and quite literally. He is just as comfortable in his studio as he is shooting out the side of a helicopter. His body of work includes advertising, location, portrait and landscape photography.

Since its inception, his "Interchanges" project has taken Andrew all over the world in search of a very particular subject: the architectural necessity of city sprawl that takes shape in the web-like intersections of the highway interchange. Andrew’s aerial views and uncanny angles transform otherwise functional, banal constructions into photographic spaces for aesthetic meditation: long, linear shadows present a doubling of sensual concrete curvatures; the static symmetry of the structure poetically contrasts its witness to perpetual movement; conspicuous green space is carved out in perfect geometry, so that the organic and the inanimate mathematically coexist. For Andrew, these images reveal with new perspective, a ubiquitous presence that nonetheless remains largely invisible. His vision of capturing the satisfying beauty of highways infuses the familiar with something new; it is the everyday at a remove, one that allows a privileged glimpse of the veins and arteries of both cities and the sinews that connect them.

His recent “Collectibles” series is a macro-level exploration of coins, bills and stamps. These images are created with the intention of being reproduced on a very large scale giving the viewer the opportunity to gaze at these tiny artifacts from an unfamiliar perspective. The images point to our sense of nostalgia and our desire to organize and worship the things that we covet.

Selected Editorial Clients:

The Atlantic, Azure Magazine, CTV News, Esquire Magazine, Fast Company, Globe and Mail, Le Monde, The National Geographic, The New Republic, Politico, The Royal Canadian Geographic Society, Wired Magazine

Selected Advertising and Corporate Clients:

Apple, American Express, Audi, Campbell’s, Fairmont Group, Manulife Financial, Hyundai, KPMG, Molson-Coors, Swatch Group Switzerland


AACE Photographer of the Year 2013
Graphis Photography Award Gold 2013, Silver 2017
International Photography Awards 1st Place Winner 2012
PX3 Paris Photo Awards 1st Place Winner 2012
Communication Arts Photo Annual 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Applied Arts Photo Annual 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Magenta Foundation Emerging Photographer Award 2012, 2011

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