Rachelle Kearns


I am mesmerized by beautiful moments – not just because of the aesthetics, but because it stirs my soul and allows me to experience something beyond myself, something far greater than my own reality. These moments feel like inspired glimpses of truth and they are only found when I pause long enough to take them in. For over a decade now, my paintings have paid tribute to these moments found in our everyday experience; Light dancing on water, the glittering glory of a chandelier or a ray of light breaking through a dense forest of trees. Upon discovery, I have had the pleasure of analysing, pursuing and honouring these moments through five distinct bodies of work: the ‘mercyscape’, ‘light‘, ‘breatkthrough’ , ‘bubbly’ and 'fireworks' series of paintings. Each body of work has allowed me to see the world differently. My hope is that in some way, you will be enabled to see differently too.