Rita Vindedzis


Downtown Core
Rita Vindedzis - Downtown Core

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Rita Vindedzis, a Canadian born artist who came to realize her passion for art very early in life. Inspired by the creativity that seemed to permeate virtually every aspect of family life, Vindedzis began to pursue her own artistic abilities through formal studies, however the true nature of her inimitable style always came naturally. Acrylic on canvas is the medium through which Vindedzis' landscapes come alive – a warm and inspiring combination of what she has seen, and what she would like to see in the natural world around us. The landscapes Vindedzis paints in her studio using photographs taken during family trips, inspirational drives and walks through the countryside. Some are created purely from memory. Big skies and open fields, a large expanse of beach, meandering streams and grazing sheep are some of her favourite themes. Each painting is a soft-focus moment in time. Her artwork has appeared in Canadian House and Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, Décor Magazine, on national television programs including CityLine, Design Inc. and Designer Guys, and is found in numerous private and corporate collections.