Sarah Palmer


under $250

Sarah Palmer is a photographer based in Toronto, Canada. She focuses on the relationship between place, memory and cultures on the cusp of change. She composes multi-frame exposures in camera, with no manipulation in post.

The goal with the style of photography she works within is to engage a different view on the narrative, while also enabling the viewer to apply their own experiences and perceptions to my images; making them more than simply a record of an event or time.
The physical process involved with this kind of shooting is vital to her vision as an artist; as it allows her to connect otherwise disconnected moments, creating a strong sense of environment, conveying how she's feeling to the viewer in a nostalgic, narrative-driven way.
Her work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council, and has been published internationally and exhibited in galleries and exhibitions including Scotiabank’s Contact Photography Festival. Her clients include The Washington Post, The Globe and Mail, BBC, The Walrus, Macleans, BuzzFeed News and BBC.