Tamara Thompson


under $250

“My practice demonstrates an interest in the moment of translation from film imagery into painting. Through a time-based process, I rework film loops, known as GIFS, from my travels within Canada. As I watch the GIF repeat, I reimagine and reconstruct the image through layers of brushstrokes. By doing so, I engage with the experience of repetitive thought, and how it is a reaction to dealing with memories and anxiety. The process to capture movement with a slow medium like paint is an anxious act, and the repeated gesture creates a final image that is recognizable but obstructed somehow, much like interrupted thought. After many layers through this process of overlapping motion, the final piece reflects a calm, mystical picture that emphasizes the ephemeral.”

Tamara Thompson received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in 2015. Currently, she is based in Mississauga, Ontario as a painting Resident Artist at the Living Arts Centre.