Zach Hertzman


Zach was born into a creative world. He grew up surrounded by a family with an eye for detail and an appreciation for the arts and image making. Taking up his fathers old Nikon film kit at a young age, he has kept moving forward and has never looked back.

His deeply emotive work is left for the viewer to interpret - road trips, surreal landscapes and intimate portraits all blend together to make you want to run outside and never come home. Gold tones, sunset beats, faded imagery, and feelings of escape and adventure all permeate Zach's work - colliding to form a tone that is timeless, yet still firmly grounded in the present. A dreamy blend waiting for you to dive right into.

His commercial and fine art work is bold, strong, and clean - sharp lines and sleek concepts deliver a clear message to the viewer while still maintaining a deep meaning and unparalleled quality. Always on the move, his work has taken him to New York City, London, Cuba, Barbados, Vancouver, San Francisco, Wales, Hong Kong, Montreal, and Australia.

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