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Amy Friend is the newest addition to the roster of artists at Art Interiors. Her ethereal series titled Vestiges captures movement in a romantic light, as she transforms garments into suspended abstract forms.
Here is one vignette from Joanna Track's lofty home, where I spent the afternoon documenting her collection of art. Interior designer Teresa Track arranged nine of Francisco Gomez's floral works on mylar in a dreamy, airy grouping in the dining room. Their overall minimal composition, combined with the white box frames, accentuates the calmness of the space. I love the placement of these unconventional floral works.
My husband David was turning 40, and what to get for him was proving a challenge at best, so I looked to Erin Vincent for help. I thought of 10 of his favorite things: from an Alpha Romeo to Mike and Ikes candy, and then sent the list off to Erin to do what she does so well. A couple of weeks later, voila! 10 wonderful 4?x6? boxy sculptural artworks for the gift of the decade! They sit on his desk and are stacked and played with by everyone in the family- each one a great piece unto itself, but wholly one fantastic tribute to David!
David Trautrimas' newest series of austere photographs, The Spyfrost Project, have left me awestruck. A pastiche of pieced-together landscapes serve as a backdrop to dismembered appliances, which dominate a deserted scene. Though there are hints of familiarity (of Canadian scenery and household objects), these works leave the viewer with an overall sense of disorientation and mystery.
Aaron Jones’ nostalgic, layered works caught the eye of style maker Julia Black. As a guest writer for Arren Williams’ blog Design Lab, and on her own blog Jewels, Black profiles Jones’ hallucinatory photographs.