in the kitchen

Artist Rundi Phelan mixes contemporary and traditional elements in bold and dreamy ways. In her home in downtown Toronto, art is everywhere, as are antiques, patterned wallpaper, family photographs, books, and fresh flowers.
Though the artworks in Randie and David's collection are diverse in medium (ranging from painting, photography, printmaking and mixed media), they tend to lean towards the contemporary.
On a very cold December afternoon, Barbara welcomed me into her elegant home. Barbara has been a loyal client for many years, so it was especially intriguing to see the final resting place for all the beautiful oil paintings and etchings she has collected.
Shira often gravitates to contemporary works that are minimal or conceptual. Dorian Scott's graphic pastries, and Tek Yang's photograph "What Remains: Piled Receipts III", exemplify her aesthetic, and serve to maintain a sense of calm in her kitchen.
The kitchen is the heart of the home. Fine art in the kitchen serves to increase the soulfulness of the room where so many hours are spent. Lisa's cozy, bright space is a perfect example.