Two years after my initial visit, clients (and friends) Janine and Peter have moved out of their downtown condo and into a spacious home in Toronto's west end. With ample wall space, they happily reclaimed all their art from storage and filled their home with dreamy vignettes and colourful groupings.
Sharon Brown is a performer and educator who gravitates towards works of art that make a statement. The art that hangs on the walls of her home, that she shares with her two sons and husband, varies in medium and subject matter. Personally, she is attracted to the spirit of strong females, be it the artist who created the work, or the subject matter of a painting. This feminine spirit is found in prettier elements too, like in paintings of butterflies or a vintage bowl.
Entrepreneur and author, Joanna Goodman, recently moved into a beautiful new home with her husband and two children, and already her space exudes an atmosphere of prettiness and refinement. Joanna is the owner of Au Lit Fine Linens, and thus it was not surprising to find that the beds were all showroom perfect, and each room was impeccably styled. Especially engaging were her children's rooms, replete with toys, collections, and whimsical objects.
I love when my work and social life collide, like one summer afternoon in August when freelance author, writer, editor, and (full disclosure) my dear friend, Vanessa Farquharson, let me stop by to take some photographs of the home she shares with her husband (and also my dear friend) Jacob. In between sipping lemonade and catching up, I documented the vignettes of their house that have remained despite the house being in a state of transition; remnants of a recently flooded basement occupied their dining space, and her office (which she has aptly named “the officery”)
When this client showed me around his home, that he shares with his wife and three children, his passion for collecting art and antiques was palpable. Each object, be it a work of art, lalique perfume bottle, or antique jewellery container, had a backstory which captured a mood or marked a significant event.