This client's varied tastes define her collection. From traditional to contemporary, small and large works find a home in almost every corner.
Last Friday I headed out with Lisa to document one of her oldest friend's art collection. Lisa and Janice have known each other since they were sixteen years old, and Janice has been a devoted client of Art Interiors since the very beginning. It was thrilling to see the variety of artists in her collection, spanning the history of the gallery, including her most recent acquisition: Erin Rothstein's Kiss from this years Festival of Smalls.
In Kristi and Tim's home, a Harrison fits seamlessly in their living room, while a Simpson and Weich command great attention to two otherwise overlooked spaces.
This client and art lover painted all her walls white, allowing her collection to stand out.
Friend and former Art Interiors manager Larissa Furlong boasts an impressive and personally familiar collection of art. Known to me are the works of art she purchased from the gallery over the many years we worked together. Larissa's reaction to art was always immediate: she fell in love quickly and knew when she had to own a particular piece.