Designer Paul Semkuley helped his client to create her dream space: a calm interior with a great flow for entertaining. Significant are the personal touches, like family heirlooms, and works of art by artists Tom Horbett, Hanna Ruminski and Dean West.
Dana Ezer passionately views art as a major part of her life. She grew up in a home full of art and has ensured that her young children are likewise exposed to art at a young age; the art that lines the children's bedroom walls will eventually be transported to their future homes. Dana trusts her instincts to guide her while she builds an impressive collection, with her husband, in their carefully curated, contemporary space. When she visits Art Interiors, we often lose ourselves in winding conversations, gushing over our latest artist finds and dream pieces.
Newlyweds Janine and Peter registered at Art Interiors for their wedding. Though they have amassed an impressive collection of works, most of their art is currently in storage, as they temporarily reside in a small condo downtown, with plans of moving to a larger, more permanent space in a few months. Nevertheless, the two have leaned and perched some of their favourite pieces against back splashes and bedside tables, including a commissioned portrait of the couple by Kelly Grace. It's a small gesture that adds warmth and personality to a transitional space.
Julie Brown, Creative Brand Director at Au Lit Fine Linens and the host of PinTV on Coral, and her husband Jeremy registered at Art Interiors for their wedding. They created this beautiful grouping with the artwork they received.
A stunning modern interior provides the perfect backdrop for this contemporary art collection from Art Interiors. Particularly inspiring are the children's bedrooms. Amidst schoolbooks, toys, dolls and baseball hats, are playful and sophisticated artworks. Photographer: Michael Revil Madjus