My older sister Virginia and her husband Pierluigi have finally settled into their apartment, and have hung up all their art. I especially adore that she has placed the pieces in her daughter’s bedroom at a child's eye level (for little Gianna to enjoy).
You walk up and down everyday, so why ignore the wall space at the bottom of the stairs? It’s a perfect spot for a dreamy waterscape, adding perspective and calm to a hectic day.
Michael Revil Madjus is a Product Designer and Marketer for imm Living, a design company in Toronto that marries “functionality with a playful sensibility.” Aside from being exceptionally creative, Michael is the type of roommate a girl dreams of: super neat, wildly entertaining, and helps me pick what heels to wear for a night out. His keen eye for design is a major bonus. Michael thoughtfully houses a number of works from my overflowing art collection in his carefully curated space.