Client/Artist Profile: Francisco Gomez in context

Here is one vignette from Joanna Track's lofty home, where I spent the afternoon documenting her collection of art. Interior designer Teresa Track arranged nine of Francisco Gomez's floral works on mylar in a dreamy, airy grouping in the dining room. Their overall minimal composition, combined with the white box frames, accentuates the calmness of the space. I love the placement of these unconventional floral works.

Francisco Gomez's works are characterized by solid ink lines, juxtaposed with intense brilliant colours, resulting in enigmatic imagery, that often border on abstraction. Without context, saturated images are suspended against a pristinely clear background conveying a sense of transience and opposition. The bold images of florals are treated with expressively loose brushwork. In stark contrast, these seemingly familiar images emanate dark drips, simultaneously seducing and confronting the viewer. The non-absorbent and unforgiving nature of the mylar allows for the artistic process to happen organically, and serves to emphasize the immediacy and drama of the work.