Staff Spaces: Lisa Diamond

Here is a glimpse into the main floor art collection of Lisa Diamond, Art Interiors co-founder. Lisa shares her philosophies on collecting, the challenges of moving her art collection to a new home, and what she is currently collecting.

What were some of the challenges when moving your art collection from a smaller, more traditional home to a more contemporary one with ample wall space?

I was challenged by the size of the new larger walls - my artwork was always on the smaller side which is tough to make work without doing tons of groupings everywhere!

So I balanced it by including groupings in some spaces, but also buying a few new larger scale works!

What types of artwork draw you in these days? How does this differ from ten or fifteen years ago?

I've become drawn to photography as a medium when I hadn't before. The medium allows for large scale and feels so contemporary that I can't help but love it. I'm still drawn to traditional mediums and more traditional works (portraits in oil, ink drawings), as I collected 10 years ago. It's becoming harder to find though as so many artists are experimenting with newer mediums and more contemporary genres.

How do you and your husband navigate collecting together? What if you and your husband don't agree on a work?

My husband and I generally agree on our artwork choices actually! Surprising as so many couples don't have similar tastes. We both have eclectic tastes and it all balances well together. His taste is more traditional with art! But we both like a lot of different work. We don't just collect one style.

What was your most recent acquisition?

Most recently I took home (unbeknownst to Shira, my business partner), another small colourful abstract oil on panel by Dean. Love his colour and geometry. Has a 60's vibe but still super modern. Makes me smile.

Can you sum up your design aesthetic?

In one word I'd say eclectic. We have a real mix of styles and so many collections between us (my husband and I ), that it melds together in a really cool way that is uncontrived and well lived in. That's the best way to do it I think.