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Michelle and Adam have been collecting art at various points throughout their lives.
Two years after my initial visit, clients (and friends) Janine and Peter have moved out of their downtown condo and into a spacious home in Toronto's west end. With ample wall space, they happily reclaimed all their art from storage and filled their home with dreamy vignettes and colourful groupings.
Sharon Brown is a performer and educator who gravitates towards works of art that make a statement. The art that hangs on the walls of her home, that she shares with her two sons and husband, varies in medium and subject matter. Personally, she is attracted to the spirit of strong females, be it the artist who created the work, or the subject matter of a painting. This feminine spirit is found in prettier elements too, like in paintings of butterflies or a vintage bowl.
This client and art lover painted all her walls white, allowing her collection to stand out.