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To me, Brent Orr's work recalls spaghetti westerns like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: cinematic, sun-bleached and serious. After speaking to Orr about his process, a more personal and nostalgic narrative emerges, but one that nevertheless remains enigmatic.
Just when I thought I was done with living out of a suitcase for the summer, I packed my bags and headed north, to 122 Medora Street. Home to Art Interiors’ summer ‘pop up’ venue, this airy space is complete with dreamy Canadian vistas, and unexpected guests, right around the corner.
Devoted clients/sisters Ilyse, Hailey and Lesley Lustig have been passionately collecting art for years. For milestones (from birthdays, to new babies), it is not uncommon for two of the lovely Lustig ladies to spend hours in the gallery in search for the perfect gift for their sister. With these personal narratives in mind, I was especially excited to see Ilyse's collection. Despite getting ready for a big move, Ilyse invited me to her home, which she shares with her husband and two children. We talked life, love, and the great fortune of having sisters.
With much anticipation I arrived in the picturesque beach town of Porto Recanati, Italy, home to my sister Virginia, her husband Pierluigi, and my one month old niece Gianna. They just moved into a new apartment, and with a newborn and a posse of Canadian visitors, the two have had no time to decorate their place. So, although not a single piece of art was actually hung on the walls, their collection was placed throughout, creating personality and warmth in their new home.
I spent a disorienting Tuesday in three capital cities: woke up in Berlin, spent the afternoon in Zagreb, and reunited with friends in Ljubljana early evening. It was comforting to discover the two Erin Vincents I gave to Petra & Uros (one wintry Toronto day) sitting on their living room windowsill – a touch of home in beautiful Slovenia.