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I’m captivated by Dorian Scott‘s newest series. Hauntingly beautiful images are rendered in rich oil paint, while a minimal background enables some breathing room. Simple narrative is lost through the isolation of a single, enigmatic image, or the combination of unexpected objects. Something secretive is going on. - Patricia
Chelsea and Adam have been collecting art at Art Interiors for over ten years. Despite being amidst renovations, Chelsea gave me a tour of her beautiful home, and her eclectic collection, while her excited puppy trailed behind. What resonated the most was her belief in the importance of living with and growing up with art. Numerous works hang in her daughters’ bedrooms, while a dedicated craft room inspires creativity and enables her girls to draw on the walls.
I always lament the end of summer. As the mornings turn cool, I find myself gravitating towards images of warmth and play. Dean West's series "Around the Bend", taken in Grand Bend, Ontario, is helping me cope with the inevitability of darkness at 4pm, and minus something degree weather. It takes an Australian photographer to successfully capture Canada's landscape in a summery warmth, while simultaneously highlighting the country's intrinsic vastness. - Patricia
Gracious and stylish Jen O'Brien, and local celebrity chef David Lee opened their home for us to capture their impressive collection of art from Art Interiors.