It's the 27th Annual Festival of Smalls


We're so excited!

Opening day of the Festival of Smalls is traditionally our busiest day of the year, with hundreds of people coming through the gallery to view and buy original pieces as gifts for themselves or others.

It's full of energy and is quite frenetic at times (if you've experienced it!).

This year, we'll have a different opening day, of course, that keeps everyone safe and happy :)

You can book an IN-GALLERY APPOINTMENT here.

There will be half hour time slots on the opening weekend , 2 people max per appointment (no exceptions). There will be 2 appointments allowed per half hour.

Please make sure you:

1. Show up on time, wearing a mask.
2. Do some perusing online the night before, so that you have an idea of what you'd like to see in advance.
3. Be mindful of the time slot, as they are limited in number, and leave when your allotted time is finished.

There are only a set number of half hour time slots on the Saturday available, and so we will be offering them from 9am -7pm.
We will also offer the half hour slots on the Sunday as well, from 10am-6pm.



We've all gotten pretty good at online shopping, so it's not a far stretch to buy Smalls online too! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram to keep up to date with any new Smalls being dropped off, and of course check the site often!

That's it! Looking forward to the 27th Annual Festival of Smalls!!


The AI team