festival of smalls

Opening day of the Festival of Smalls is traditionally our busiest day of the year, with hundreds of people coming through the gallery to view and buy original pieces as gifts for themselves or others. It's full of energy and is quite frenetic at times (if you've experienced it!). This year, we'll have a different opening day, of course, that keeps everyone safe and happy :)
Art Interiors' annual Festival of Smalls opens tomorrow! In celebration of 'Smalls', here are some images of small scale artwork in the context of our clients' homes.
In honour of our 21st annual Festival of Smalls, we present here a collection of small work in the context of our own homes, and those of our clients and friends. Join us this Saturday at 10am for the opening reception!
The opening reception of our 20th Annual Festival of Smalls was a whirlwind, and, as always, it was thrilling to watch hundreds of works fly off the gallery walls. It was certainly our busiest Festival yet, attended by old and new clients, artists, friends and family. If you haven't had a chance to make it in, there is still time! New works are arriving in the gallery weekly until December 24th, so check us out online or in store.
It has been twenty years, with thousands of smalls showcased and sold, and here we are again, with another fantastic show. After Shira and I surveyed what will be available in this years annual Festival of Smalls, we are super excited. Here is a sneak pee