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Barb makes art a priority, as evident in her varied collection. Traditional paintings, video works, and mixed media abstracts fill the walls in her charming home.
Dianna and John's passion for art is palpable the moment you walk through their door. A small Fothergill framed in gold greets you at the doorway, a striking grouping of framed Dorion Scott paintings line the stairway walls, while a vista of the living room reveals a number of dramatic oil paintings.
Entrepreneur and author, Joanna Goodman, recently moved into a beautiful new home with her husband and two children, and already her space exudes an atmosphere of prettiness and refinement. Joanna is the owner of Au Lit Fine Linens, and thus it was not surprising to find that the beds were all showroom perfect, and each room was impeccably styled. Especially engaging were her children's rooms, replete with toys, collections, and whimsical objects.
This client's varied tastes define her collection. From traditional to contemporary, small and large works find a home in almost every corner.
I could have spent the entire day talking to the charming designing duo Andrew Bottecchia and Hal Eisen, of Bottecchia Artistic Group Inc., when I visited them at their stylish penthouse last week. It was inspiring and refreshing to experience a space so dominated by art and see a collection replete with portraiture. While I slowly absorbed the works, the two passionately discussed the origins of individual pieces and their interactions with the artists and dealers. Hal, having been a collector of art since his teens, quickly passed on his addiction to Andrew when the two met.