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Artist Rita Vindedzis moved (with her husband and son) from the north part of Toronto into a downtown condo. She sets up her studio daily, in their main living room, so she can take advantage of the abundance of natural light.
Late December, I made my way to the heart of Parkdale to visit artists Ania Machudera and Swavek Sienkiewicz in their recently renovated home, which also houses both their studios.
Toronto artist Elaine Chan-Dow is Art Interiors' newest photo-based artist. Chan-Dow's most recent series, Libraria, celebrates the beauty and history of the library environment, and its significant role in contemporary society.
When Shira, Lisa, Jet and I opened the package that held David Ellingsen's photographs, we were all left a bit breathless. Even more spectacular in person, these photos are equally haunting and dreamy.
Jennifer McGregor's abstract works are playful and delicate. Her sensitivity to technique and keen sense of colour is evident in the delicate brushwork of her newest series. Calmness and subtlety define these watercolours.