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Ryan Louis creates surreal works that flirt with the conventional. We are loving these bright and whimsical photographs. Ryan Louis is a Toronto based visual artist who creates contemporary mixed-media and photographic images often using paper cutouts. His work is playful in nature and addresses nostalgia and the familiar.
In her newest series Tasting Room, Montreal-born, Toronto-based painter Erin Rothstein captures indulgence and desire in high realism.
When I walked into the gallery Monday morning I immediately gravitated to the newest arrivals: Patti Normand‘s playful sculptures. These nostalgic and witty works have played in my mind all week.
Peter Andrew's photographs are often shot from obscure places or points of view. Whether in a remote area of Iceland, or outside a helicopter capturing a highway below, these vast, unpopulated scenes are always cinematic.
To me, Brent Orr's work recalls spaghetti westerns like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: cinematic, sun-bleached and serious. After speaking to Orr about his process, a more personal and nostalgic narrative emerges, but one that nevertheless remains enigmatic.