Carolyn Gavin

under $250

Carolyn Gavin is a painter, Illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Canada. A flower child of the 60’s, Carolyn grew up in South Africa, left to travel and relocated to Canada where she currently lives with her family.

Carolyn works in mixed media using acrylic, acryla gouache, watercolour, pen and ink, oil pastel
and pigment. Finding inspiration in travel, florals, exotic color and pattern, Carolyn makes sure her life is filled with
beauty and creativity.

"My work taps into a desire to create a re-imagined traditional landscape. I use contrast in a non
traditional way with colour, texture and brushstoke. I eschew straight, rigid lines for pigmented, melting
biotic environments. Winter becomes an endless summer, moving fluidly, trying to capture a moment
in nature and making it into something else. My landscapes are heavily inspired by my travels. I use neon paint to depict a field or highlight a focal point. How else would you do justice to the saturated hues of a landcape when the sunlight hits midday? Stripes portray vegetation, while geometric shapes represent mountains and trees, creating a
psychedelic and dream like world. My landscapes are evolving to the fully abstract as I search always to simplify life and the world I see. Complex shapes in nature are reduced to the most simplistic of forms.
" -Carolyn Gavin